Dear Reader,

Welcome to GARDENART!
The aim of GARDENART is to help you to create the garden most suitable to your needs. Dreaming of a garden, picturing it and choosing its style is not an easy job. The colours, textures, plants, garden objects have to be all harmonised with the DREAMER and with NATURE. A nicely built garden does not necessarily serve the owners' need unless there is harmony between the garden users, their lifestyles, feelings and even habits. A number of elements should be first considered:

• Sunlight-shade

• Bright colours - sophisticated colours
• Relaxed feeling – dynamic feeling
• High maintenance – low maintenance
• Style selection and combination (Mediterranean, English, Japanese, French, Avant-garde, etc…)
• Selected garden material and objects
• Plant selection
• etc…

However a garden which is created for the owners, according only to their needs can be surprisingly displeasing if there is no harmony between the garden and nature. Gardens contradicting nature cannot have a long lifetime. A garden is created to last for many decades, a lifetime or even generations. A garden has to adapt to the living and lifeless nature, and to the flora and fauna dominating the area.

• Climate
• Soil
• Aboriginal and immigrated plants
• Fauna of the area
• Type of build-up area

Keeping the aforementioned in mind, one can create an individual garden which is suitable for the individual user. To create and keep a garden, nonetheless, new-age science knowledge is needed (plant pathology, designing, maintenance technology, nursing technology, conservation technology).


Thank you,

Balazs D' Szabo BA(Hons) MA(SSU)

Scientific Agriculturist
Landscape Designer
Plant Pathologist
Member of Royal Horticultural Society